Bastard Store, studiometrico, Milan, Italy, 2008 (commission)

Bastard Store, studiometrico, Milan, Italy, 2008 (commission)

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Bastard Storestudiometrico, Milan, Italy, 2008 (commission: the story)

Founded in Milan in 1994 by four skateboarders, Comvert S.r.l. conceives, produces and distributes clothing for skateboarders and snowboarders under the brand bastard and distributes the brand Electric in Italy.

Few years ago Comvert decided that it was about time for finding a new location to set up its new headquarter and gave studiometrico the opportunity to search for the right building and then, possibly, to refurbish it.

The ideal place had to be spacious enough to be able to host the administrative department, the design department, a flagship store, a storage facility, a wide access for the goods and a skate-bowl for bastard employees, friends and team riders.

Designed by engineer Mario Cavallé in the 40’s, Cinema Istria is a cinema theater with an overall surface of 1.400 m² and an overall volume of 6.600 m³ occupied by the old pit and by a suspended balcony of 350 m². The roof of the building is composed by several arches in reinforced concrete. A 800 square meters ceiling light fixture is suspended under the vault through a steel construction.

Although it had been used by its last owner as a car dealer for some years, at the time of our first visit the Cinema theater was still able to show its original character. For this reason, and for its capacity to satisfy Comvert needs, it has been immediately perceived by designers and clients as a ‘unique place’. In 2006 the Cinema was purchased and in January 2007 the refurbishment started.

Born in Milan in 2004 from the collaboration between Lorenzo Bini and Francesca Murialdo, studiometrico is the place where few people conceive and develop architectural projects and researches on interior and outdoor spaces, on existing buildings or new constructions. The practice works for private clients in Milan, in Italy a nd abroad, designing, transforming and building places for living, working and traveling. Although studiometrico’s roots are in Milan, its branches are articulated and scattered over an international network of collaborations, links and physical places.  Contents, problems and important moments of studiometrico’s activities are featured in a web blog.

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