Main goal is to describe the design process, the architectural solutions and the detailing choices of a built work in a chronological order. The sequence of selected iconography for each step is arranged into specific categories (typology, materials, elements, etc.), according to standard architecture manuals, and explained through captions (140 characters in order to be able to become eventually twitter posts). An introduction presenting the work ‘facts’, a short description of 500 words (by the architect) and an essay selected among what already published, will constitute the only textual sections

Participants must have direct access to the work for: photo survey and direct experience of architectural space; edit series of interviews with the architect-author in order to understand the design process from its starting conceptual moment to the final built form; direct access to the architect-author’s archive to browse through his/her drawings and other materials in order to collect the best documents to explain the selected work and useful to build an open source and on-line architectural manual dealing with both the design process and the design construction.

All the documents are delivered only on-line via the blog.

The dream – that is also the ambition – is to tune at the best the structure of this on-line manual and to spread around its template in order to amplify the power of collecting and publishing in a such huge way that in a few years we could arrive at the largest open source and most browsed utility for architectural students in Europe.

Hope to find motivated and passionate participants who want to share with us this challenging adventure.


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